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 LO 310 Non-Chealated Alkaline Electroclean

Luster-On 310 is a powdered heavy duty, non-chelated alkaline electrocleaner formulated for the removal of smut, degreasing and soak cleaning residues from ferrous metals prior to electroplating.

 LO 1310L Liquid Alkaline Electrocleaner


Luster-On 3310L is a concentrated liquid formulation designed to be with 50% Liquid Caustic Soda to produce a heavy-duty alkaline electrocleaner. Excellent for the removal of smut and soils from ferrous surfaces before electroplating, LusterOn 3310L is availabe in both a chelated and non-chelated formulation. Luster-On 3310L will also provide superior cleaning in hard water areas.

Luster-On 3310L is recommended to relieve the handling problems associated with powdered cleaners. Use of this system eliminates the problems of dusting, caking and undissolved cleaner at the bottom of process tank. Additions may be made to a hot or cold tank without danger boil-over for safer, more efficient operation.

Luster-On 3310L may be added with automatic control equipment, assuring maximum cleaning efficiency at all times. Our Equipment Department provide controllers and metering equipment for these applications.

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