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 Copperbrite Copper Plating System

Luster-On Copperbrite: Liquid addition agent which produces semi-bright deposits in cyanide copper plating baths. A grain refiner and leveling agent, it is suitable as substitute for Rochelle salts in Rochelle type baths. Useful in both rack and barrel operations.

 Copperbrite II Acid Copper Plating System

Luster-On Copperbrite II: The Luster-On Copperbrite II Copper Plating Process is a high performance system of addition agents for acid copper plating that offers extremely bright and ductile deposits for decorative applications. The Luster-On Copperbrite II Process features outstanding brightness and superior leveling over a wide operating range. The Luster-On Copperbrite II Process offers ease of control and economy. Routine replenishment is usually accomplished with a single maintenance addition of Luster-On Copperbrite II Secondary.

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