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 LO 242 Highly Alkaline Powder Cleaner

Luster-on 242 is a modern highly alkaline powdered material designed to clean a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, zinc and magnesium by immersion application. To increase fuel savings, Luster-on 242 effectively removes buffing and drawing compounds, fabricating soils, oils and grease at temperatures as low as 80°F. Typical applications include precleaning before phosphating, engine rebuilding and electrocleaning.

 LO 1243L Liquid Soak Cleaner


Luster-On 1243L is a concentrated liquid soak cleaner designed for removing buffing and drawing compounds, grease, oils, and carbonaceous deposits from steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. Versatile Luster-on 1243L is designed to be used with 50% Liquid Caustic Soda to produce a well balanced blend of alkaline salts and biodegradable surfactants that provide excellent solution life coupled with heavy duty cleaning efficiency.

Luster-On 1243L is recommended to relieve the handling problems associated with powdered cleaners. Use of this system eliminates dusting and caking problems. Undissolved cleaner at the bottom of the tank is a thing of the past. Additions may be made to a hot or cold tank without danger of boil-over for safe, more efficient operations. Luster-On 1243L may be added with automatic control equipment assuring maximum cleaning efficiency at all times. Our Equipment Department can provide controllers and metering equipment to suit most applications.

 LO 420 Mild Alkaline Non-Silicated Cleaner

Luster-On 420 is a mild alkaline liquid cleaner material, nonsilicated and low foaming. Ideally suited for cleaning aluminum prior to chromating or anodizing, Luster-On 420 easily removes shop soils and oils by immersion or spray washer application. Luster-On 420 cleans as effectively as silicated cleaners.

 Truck Wash Spray Cleaner

Luster-On Truckwash is a slightly alkaline, liquid material designed for high pressure, spray application applications. Luster-On Truckwash is phosphate-free and biodegradable.  Luster-On Truckwash contains a unique combination of surfactants which perform as a "self-demulsifying" detergent package. In most oil/water separators Luster-On Truckwash will split the oil and water into two phases. The oil can then be skimmed off for disposal and the cleaner can be rebuilt and reused.

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