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 AN365L Anodizing Additive


AN365L is a proprietary anodizing additive designed to allow the operation of the anodizing bath at a higher current density. AN365L is an anodizing additive that offers the following performance advantages: Increased production throughput, Saves energy via shorter anodizing time, Increases anodic film uniformity and hardness, Allows wider operating temperatures, Eliminates product “burn” - conductivity of bath is, higher which eliminates high current density areas, around contact points, Reduces rate of aluminum buildup - shorter time in anodizing tank for a given thickness, Less frequent decants - lower aluminum buildup, Lower chemical and waste treatment cost - due to less frequent decants, Mist suppressor - can cut down on agitation amount, Wider usage range of H2SO4 150-220 g/L - reduces, dumping.

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